Family Breaks Galway

The Clybaun Hotel offers a variety of facilities to suit all the family. NRG Leisure Centre offers classes for all ages and also runs a summer childrens camp
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Galway City offers a host of activities, ensuring you and your family have a fantastic break.

NRG Junior Club

At NRG Health & Fitness in Knocknacarra we have kids fitness covered. We are opening several new, kids only dedicated exercise studios!

With a variety of classes available throughout the year - such as Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics, Kids Karate, Cheerleading, Teen Spin, Ballet, Pilates, Mother & Toddler Classes including Tumble Tots -we guarantee your little ones won’t be bored. Moreover, through regular exercising they will have a chance to improve their fitness & physical health. It’s well known that keeping fit helps to condition the heart, lengthen life, reduce blood pressure, build confidence, diffuse anger, stabilize mood , control appetite, improve concentration.

Therefore, do not hesitate and give children that wonderful opportunity of being a member of NRG Kids Gym!


NRG Junior Class Descriptions

Waddlers: 10-18 months

Crawlers and new walkers. Share the excitement as your little one crawls, climbs, swings, hangs and tumbles for the first time. With an emphasis on development of social skills, this programme is geared to the exploration of movement. Discover your infants natural movement abilities in this delightful programme for parent and child.

Gymsters: 1-3 years

Runners and climbers. The youngsters feel so great about themselves as they learn beginners gymnastics. Fine and gross co-ordination and manipulative skills are developed through imaginative games and irresistible group activities.

Terrific Tots: 3-4 years

Relays, games and gymnastics lead to improved strength, flexibility, manipulative skills and eye-hand co-ordination. Listening and comprehension skills improve as we increase structures and add more difficult gymnastics and tumbling. Lavished with positive reinforcement for self reliance and following directions, the children gain self-esteem.

Whiz Kids: 4-6 years

Learning is intensified through more challenging and increasingly complex activities. Sports skills are taught to further develop hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor proficiency and team spirit.

Champions Gymnastics: 6+ years

While maintaining a positive and nurturing atmosphere, we encourage members to sharpen sports skills and execute intricate gymnastics and advanced tumbling. The emphasis here is on effort, diligence and teamwork.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

If the Olympics fascinated your child and caught their attention then this is the fitness class for them. With Anastasia, a latvian champion gymnast as the instructor, your child will be enthused with learning wonderful and colourful routines using equipment such as ribbons, clubs, balls and hula hoops.


For all 'High School Musical' fans, this class is a great way for your child to keep fit while learning fun and energetic routines. Your child's strength and flexibility will develop through a six week course, with every session containing 15 mins body conditioning.


Not just for girls, this mixed class allows your child to learn the basics of ballet. Again improving their flexibility and their posture. A class designed for having fun without the pressure of exams and making Grades. Your child will not only enjoy the dancing, but also the dressing up.

Twinkle Toes

Every child loves to Dance and if your child is one, then this is the class for them. As well as learning to stretch and warm up, they will learn all the different types of dance from ballet to tap or jazz to hip hop. As the name suggests, your little one will soon have 'twinkle toes' with this six week course.

Bounce Around

Using individual trampolines, your child will work on their cardiovascular fitness while having fun. A class where the time flies by. A great way for you child to burn energy. Instead of bouncing off the walls let them bounce around.


For all the Jackie Chan wannabe's, this is a class that develops skill, discipline and strength. Your child will start from the beginning and work their way up through all the different levels of Karate. martin is a fully qualified karate instructor and holds a black belt, the highest achievable level in karate.

Teen Spin

It's as easy as riding a bike. A popular class with the adults, this class will burn lots of calories and once again improve your child's cardio vascular fitness. A great class to accompany any sport.

Teen Pilates

With all the celebrities choosing Pilates as their number one form of exercise, NRG Junior brings this popular class to the full attention of all children that play any sport or do any games or dance for fun. The best form of exercise to increase your flexibility and help develop lean long muscles.